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16th edition of Kathakar - International Storytellers Festival

Friday, 1st December 2023

4:00 pm – Vikram Betal by D. Atarbayan (Mongolia) and Godfrey Duncan TUUP (UK)

5:00 pm – Aborigine stories: Whale Story by Jodi Edwards (Australia) 

6:00 pm – The Woman Made of Flowers & Other Tales: British Legend  by Katy Cawkwell (UK)

7:00 pm – Ghazal Gayaki by Nis

schal Zaveri (India)

8:00 pm – Japanese Shadow Show by Spice Arthur 702 (Japan)

8:45 pm – Juke box of tales from around the world with Jodi, Katy, TUUP, moderated by Shaguna Gahilote

9:00 pm – Inauguration

9:15 pm – Kissey Kahani: Mohit Chauhan In Conversation with A R Rahman moderated by Prarthana Gahilot


Saturday, 2nd December 2023

10 am to 2 pm – Acting Workshop with Mukesh Chhabra (India)


4:00 pm – Kamishi-bai: Japanese paper theatre by Spice Arthur 702 (Japan)

4:45 pm – Musical folktales by D. Atarbayan (Mongolia)

5:15 pm – River creation – Aborigine stories by Jodi Edwards (Australia)

6:00 pm – African folktales by Godfrey Duncan TUUP (UK)

6:45 pm – Phoneix: Russian and Middle Eastern mythology by Katy Cawkwell (UK)

7:30 pm – The Art of Storytelling: Storytellers in Conversation with Rachna Bisht

8:00 pm – Kissey, Kahani aur Adakaari: Mohit Chauhan in conversation with Mukesh Chabbra moderated by Prarthana Gahilote (India)

9:00 pm – Qawwali by Warsi Brothers (India)


Sunday, 3rd December 2023

10 am to 1 pm – Art of Storytelling Workshop with International storytellers


10 am to 3 pm – Imtiaz Ali Retrospective: Film Screening of Rockstar and Highway inaugurated by film director Imtiaz Ali


4:00 pm – Jukebox of tales from around the world by Jodi, Katy, TUUP, Agnieszka, Marta, and more, led by Shaguna Gahilote

6:00 pm - Meddah traditional Turkish Storytelling by Agnieszka Aysen Kaim and Marta Maslanka (Poland/Turkey)

7:00 pm – Ramayana: traditional shadow puppetry by Kande Ramadas (India)

8:00 pm – Musical performance (TBC)

9:00 pm – Kissey, Kahani aur Cinema - Imtiaz Ali Retrospective: Prarthana Gahilote in conversation with Imtiaz Ali (India)


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