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If you have cherished reading stories in your childhood and value its importance for your kids even today..YOU can support under-privileged kids by gifting them the joy of reading by helping us establish school libraries for the under- privileged. So log on to donatekart and buy as many books as you wish to donate to support libraries in under-privileged schools:

Every year as part of Ghummakkad Narain - the Travelling Literature Festival we travel to far off places where under-privileged children can be benefited with the joy of books and reading. The NGO Nivesh started the Donate-a-Book campaign in partnership with UNESCO in 2010 to support the Right to Education Act of the Government of India. The RTE mandates all schools to have libraries with books and magazines. However apart from central government and expensive private schools not every school has books for children. As part of Ghummakkad Narain festival we not just travel with writers but also books to establish school and class libraries. The books are given to only the underprivileged children who come to these schools and have no means to buy these books themselves. Our team hand picks books appropriate for each class and trains the teachers in handling books and conducting sample sessions for children on book reading.

We also sometimes give books to kids so that they can own them, at other times they are kept in libraries where they can borrow and read. The result has been very encouraging as teachers come back to us each year asking for more books, since the children get addicted to reading books and need more and more. We are therefore appealing to you all to support the campaign by giving us books so that we can establish class libraries in four schools - two in Dehra Dun state government schools in Uttarakhand, one in Delhi charity school and another in Kullu community school in Himachal Pradesh.

Ghummakkad Narain – the Travelling Children’s Literature Festival was started in 2010 under the aegis of UNESCO to support schools and parents to improve the reading levels and skills in children. The initiative supported the Government of India’s Right to Education Act, which emphasized on books and library in every school by setting up class libraries. The festival has since travelled toBanglore, Dehra Dun, Mumbai, Mussoorie, Haridwar, Shillong and Delhi. It focuses on storytelling, reading and creative writing activities and skill and capacity building of both children and teachers. As part of the festival every year we bring storytellers from India and abroad to participate in Kathakar – International Storytellers Festival in Delhi. The festival has till date reached out to over 28,000 children, teachers and parents across the cities. The festival has also donated close to one-lakh books to various schools and libraries.

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