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The festival is divided into four major sections:


Ghummakkad Narain - The Travelling Children's Literature Festival

Aims at working with schools and children between the age group of 3 years to 18 years. The aim is to inculcate a habit of reading among children which would help them to perform better in school in other subject areas. There is enough reserach to prove that improved reading in children is linked to increased children in school, improved learning and decrease in school drop out rates. 



The festival works with young adults and youth to retain their interest in literature and to improve their thinking and reasoning skills through literature. The section conducts writing workshops, discussions, debates, baithaks for greater interaction between writers, authors and within the participants.


Aiminiat - Peace Across Borders

It works on a workshop model to work with young adults and youth in the area of peace and conflict in literature. The week long workshop trains participants in education for peace. Participant incldues young adults and youth from India and the south asia region. Workshops are also organised for teachers. The aim is to inculcate values of cultural harmony and understanding in the world.


Kathakar - International Storytellers Festival

The festival aims to preserve and promote the ancient art of storytelling. It stems from the idea that before there were books there were stories. The festival annually provides a common platform for storytellers from India and abroad to come together and share stories from around the world.



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