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It works on a workshop model to work with young adults and youth in the area of peace and conflict through literature. The week long workshop trains participants in education for peace. Participant incldues young adults and youth from India and the south asia region. Workshops are also organised for teachers. The aim is to inculcate values of cultural harmony and understanding in the world.


The initial workshops were part of the UNESCO 150 years celebrations of Tagore, Neruda and Cesaire. Participants have since used many literary genius' work to rediscover peace and conflicts.


The workshop aims at self discovery and helping to understand their neighbourhood and world better. It aims at making participants global citizens who are creative thinkers and make informed choices and decisions.


We believe that the youth of today are the decision makers of tomorrow and they need to be trained to understand issues of conflict and handle situations in personal and global world in harmonious manner.


The workhops focus on cultural understanding and hosts sessions varying from talks, readings, discussions, presentations, film screenings, to theatre and music workshops.



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