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Ghummakkad Narain in Dehra Dun

Join the 10 year journey of Ghummakkad Narian in Dehra Dun from 21 to 23 August 2019. The festival will be travelling with authors and storytellers Deepa Agarwal, Parvati Sharma, Shaguna Gahilote, Atul Sethi and Rachna Bisht to interact with students of the Heritage School, Jaswant Modern and Welham Girls. A special session will be organised at the Muse Cafe in the evening for the general public. Polish filmmakers Tomasaz and Zofia will be joining the festival for a special showcase of the film Brave Bunch based on the adventures of the Polish children caught in the midst of the World War II. For registration and session details you can write in at or call at +91-9999088105.

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